Our Professionals


Robin Lashley, Owner/Executive Director

Rayetta Boone, Human Resource Manager

Kelley Hamilton, Billing/Credentialing Manager

Danielle Reininger, Senior Executive Assistant - Radcliff, Leitchfield, Owensboro

Loretta Carwile, Office Manager - Leitchfield

Amy Mattingly, Office Manager - Owensboro

Rebecca Morelock, Office Secretary/Scheduler - Radcliff

Sara Mudd, Executive Assistant-Leitchfield

Cara Atwood, Michelle P Waiver/SCL Program Manager

Maggie O'Reilly, CLS Program Manager


Leitchfield Office:

Amanda Lewis, Occupational Therapist – Leitchfield

Alisha Leach, Occupational Therapist – Leitchfield

April Braun, Occupational Therapist – Leitchfield

Darien Beatty, Occupational Therapist – Leitchfield

Victoria Bradley, Occupational Therapist – Leitchfield (PRN)


Angela McCray, Physical Therapist - Leitchfield

Ashley Moore, Physical Therapy Assistant – Leitchfield


Emily Hinton, Speech Pathologist - Leitchfield

Kayla Kittinger, Speech Pathologist - Leitchfield

Kelci Fisher, Speech Pathologist, Leitchfield

Larissa Haynes, Speech Pathologist - Leitchfield


Maggie O’Reilly, BCBA/Licensed Behavior Analyst – Leitchfield

Ashley Fulkerson, BCBA/Licensed Behavior Analyst – Leitchfield

Jeffery Bolin, BCBA-Leitchfield

Martha Gary, Registered Behavior Technician – Leitchfield

Randi Stewart, Registered Behavior Technician – Leitchfield

Icis Powell, Registered Behavior Technician – Leitchfield

Allyson Jarboe, Registered Behavior Technician - Leitchfield

Kia Hayse, Registered Behavior Technician - Leitchfield

Sherry Vincent, Registered Behavior Technician - Leitchfield

Tammy Pierce, Registered Behavior Technician - Leitchfield

Jamie Mathis, Registered Behavior Technician - (PRN)

Amy Scott, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Leitchfield

Lacey Roof, Licensed Psychological Associate – Leitchfield

Radcliff Office:

Amy Scott, Licensed Marriage and Family Therapist - Radcliff

Amanda Lewis, Occupational Therapist - Radcliff

Alisha Leach, Occupational Therapist - Radcliff

Megan Hardin, Occupational Therapist - Radcliff

Amanda Schneider, Occupational Therapist - Radcliff

Ally Greenwell, Occupational Therapist - Radcliff

Victoria Bradley, Certified Occupational Therapy Assistant - Radcliff


Angela McCray, Physical Therapist - Radcliff

Kirsti Smith, Physical Therapist – Radcliff


Holly Sheroan, Speech Pathologist - Radcliff

Catrina Pickerell, Speech Pathologist - Radcliff

Mallory Brandenburg, Speech Pathologist - Radcliff

Lynn Swisher,  Speech Pathologist - Radcliff

Jess Cowman,  Speech Pathologist - Radcliff

Larissa Haynes, Speech Pathologist - Radcliff


Maggie O’Reilly, BCBA/Licensed Behavior Analyst – Radcliff

Jeffery Bolin, BCBA-Radcliff

Jaimie Rose, BCBA/Licensed Behavior Analyst – Radcliff

Kayla Curtsinger, Registered Behavior Technician - Radcliff

Jordan Eagin, Registered Behavior Technician - Radcliff

Gwen Bloomfield, Registered Behavior Technician - Radcliff

Brandon Bishop, Registered Behavior Technician - Radcliff

Emalyne Robinson, Registered Behavior Technician - Radcliff

Angie Rhea, Registered Behavior Technician - Radcliff

Anneliese Gordon, Registered Behavior Technician - Radcliff

Emily Elway, Registered Behavior Technician - Radcliff

Jamie Mathis, Registered Behavior Technician - Radcliff (PRN)

Amy Goodman, Behavior Technician - Radcliff

Cindy Eades, Behavior Technician - Radcliff


Owensboro Office:

Ashley Fulkerson, BCBA/Licensed Behavior Analyst - Owensboro

Amy Boswell, BCBA/Licensed Behavior Analyst - Owensboro

Victoria Daughtery, Registered Behavior Technician  - Owensboro

Kyle London, Behavior Tech - Owensboro

Lydia Ostott, Behavior Tech - Owensboro

Rob Blandford, Registered Behavior Technician - Owensboro

Amanda Holmes, Registered Behavior Technician  - Owensboro

Hannah McGehee, Registered Behavior Technician  - Owensboro

Deanna Spurlock, Registered Behavior Technician - Owensboro


Amy Boswell, MPW Positive Behavior Support Specialist - Owensboro

Kim Johnson, MPW Positive Behavior Support Specialist - Owensboro

Caitlin Conley, MPW Positive Behavior Support Specialist - Owensboro

Steve Fowler, MPW Positive Behavior Support Specialist - Owensboro

Nancy Hazle, PBSS

Karen Cowley, PBSS

Sarah Cook, PBSS - Leitchfield

Breanna Frank, DSP - Leitchfield​

Sandra Pace, PBSS/ DSP

Hannah Young, DSP

Sierra Douthitt, RBT/DSP

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